Press Relations

At Capsa Vox we have a wealth of experience and many close relationships with the media. With more than 25 years' press contact behind him, managing director Jon Hobden has been on all three sides of the strategic triangle: client-side, media-side and agency-side. His long-standing friendships with many editors, and involvement in the setting up of both paper and online media titles mean that he is ideally placed to achieve coverage for your organisation.

We have access to writers and account handlers in a number of sectors and work to establish a relationship between your organisation and the media to get the most from your budget.

Typically, a press relations programme is at the heart of a Capsa Vox marketing programme, delivering cost efficient sales leads and brand development.

Good PR looks at the whole business and provides common-sense solutions. Weak PR makes educated guesses about the business, its customers and its audience. We will never try to baffle you with jargon and we will use the language of your customers to deliver results. Our strength is in using the right people for the right job, applying comprehension to every issue, however technical it may be.

Media Relations

We know that good PR is more than sending out copy - however well researched and however well written - in the vain hope that 1 in 8 editors may choose not to throw it in the bin. We know the publishers. We develop relationships with journalists and influencers. We get the right exposure for our clients by targeting and educating the people who count.