Case Study and Testimonial

UNICO SYSTEM is the world's premier air system for central heating and air conditioning, with more than 500,000 installations in the US alone. Its products are particularly suited for sustainable energy applications. After launching in Europe, Director of International Sales, Scott Intagliata, turned to Capsa Vox to help the company achieve the market position the products deserved.

"Capsa Vox knows all about the importance of brand and of generating good, solid, high-quality sales leads. Jon and his team expertly handled press, events, lead handling and more, developing a marketing mix that delivered.
A vital factor in the success of Capsa Vox's activities has been their understanding of different geographic markets and their exceptional technical expertise."

  • Case studies and feature articles
  • Brochures and direct mail pieces
  • Brand management
  • Event handling and exhibition stand/design production
  • Direct marketing and lead generation
  • Leads handling and fulfillment